The kids who got off from yelling too loud and making their parents mad so they decided to make a living out of it.
My son is a Gaming YouTuber and keeps yelling too loud when gaming.
by The man with a flan November 25, 2020
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When someone shows you what they think is a hilarius video on youtube that is really dumb. After the first one they show you ends, they click on a related video that is also dumb and the cycle keeps continuing. They think they're really good videos but you can't get away cause there is always a related video afterwards.
Oh Bro, I know I was suppose to meet up with you at 6pm, but Jon is playing the youtube game with me and I can't get away.

Somone kill me, Jon keeps playing the youtube game with me and none of these videos are even close to being funny.
by WashingtonStateCougars74 June 18, 2010
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