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Gaming nerd ladies, having worked for Xbox tech support, who would give out free points and subscription time to nerds who called in, were nice, and stated they were taking a break from calculus.
"Yeah, I'm just trying to get some CoD in before I go back to my calculus homework. Thanks for being chill."
"No problem. It's truly my pleasure to encourage gentlemen such as yourself to continue in your most excellent efforts. Please, don't ever change. As a token of the nerd ladies' esteem, I hereby grant you 800 points and a free month of subscription time. Huzzah."
"What?! Are you serious?!"
"Yes, but you must pledge your silence to the Gaming Goddesses; I can't have all your friends calling me."

Mission of encouraging nerds in their nerdiness accomplished.
by IDidItFortheLulz July 05, 2013
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