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Condition that occurs starting at midnight the day a new video game is released consisting of fake flu or cold like symptoms reported to your boss, teachers, or parents. Popular games such as the Call of Duty, Halo, and many sports game series, have multi-player online gaming and every second matters to international rankings. It is very common for any gamer to get "sick" to take off school or work when a new popular game is released.
James, "COD Black Ops II comes out 11/13/2012, I can't wait!"

Joe, "Are you going to have "gamer sickness" and miss work again like when Halo 4 came out a few weeks ago?"

James, "It's a "gamer sick day", and yes I feel like crap already, I think I have the flu."
by TuckDCconnect November 12, 2012
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