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One who only plays video games for strictly gameplay only and doesn't care for the storyline aspects of a game. These people often skip movie scenes in games whether they are of importance or not so they can jump right back into the game.

This is includes things such as the liking of a game for any of the following reasons:
>Amazing graphics
>Added female characters
>>Female is a main character
>Online Play
>Classic Feel
>Little to no storyline aspects.
1. Joe is such a gamer ignoramus, he always skips the movie scenes in the game he plays and never knows what is going afterword.

2. "This Game is awesome it has a female as the main character and has females in the online play, plus the graphics are killer."

"Abby you are such a gamer ignoramus! Do you even care for the story of Black Ops II?"

"Everybody knows Call of Duty isn't about the story mode, it's about all the fun stuff you can do online and in zombies."
by Ha ha ha Tomorrow's Sunday November 28, 2012
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