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Gamehendge is the land Colonel Forbin travels to in Trey Anastasio's senior thesis, "The man who stepped into yesterday." The story was originally a musical performed by Phish (the best jam band since the Grateful Dead), though it was only play entirely on a few occasions. Many of the best Phish songs were written using the Gamehendge story line. Such songs include "Lizards," "Punch you in the Eye," "Colonel Forbin's Ascent," "Fly Famous Mocking Bird," "The Sloth," "The Divided Sky" (believe it or not is the chant sung by the Lizards (the inhabitants of Gamehendge) in praise of the allknowing prophet Icculus), "Llama," and "Axilla" and "Axilla Part 2." The ideas for Gamehendge and much of the music are said to have been created by the members of Phish while they were tripping on LSD, a very powerful hallucinogenic drug said to have extreme mind expanding properties.
Every night before I go to bed, I read Gamehendge and fall asleep with thoughts of Lizards, the Helping Friendly Book and eternal wisedom.
by Hary Hood October 20, 2006
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