The typical individual who made an account on GameFaqs and has been on GameFaqs daily and has over 30 or more Karma.

They're most kids under the age of 13, video game obsessed geeks or nerds , adults working at McDonalds, and 18+ virgins.

They usually lurk around the message board, posting pointless shit like always and having flame wars over fucking videos games.

Most spend their time reading FAQS, making FAQS , answering questions,reading reviews, complaining,throwing a fit, fanboy wars, etc as their daily routine.

Most will talk about upcoming games, video game girls, how much they own, ranting about little things, and everything else that user would do on GameFaqs.
A Typical Day In GameFaqs
Saanzan: Sup guys, I'm wondering if I should buy this game because ....

Randomdickhead2010: OMFG UR A FAG LOL

RetardGuy101: idk if u shud becuz tht game sucks u shud try this game insted. read my review of it and u know y

GameFagsSlave: Hey ,RetardGuy101, you seriously want to start a flame war? I'll get my buddies so you better get ready 'cause I'm much more intelligent than you AND I have ...

*Continues until thread reaches 500 post in one day*

Saanzan: GameFaqs user are a bunch of failures.
*logs off*
by Saanzan August 03, 2010
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An unfortunate person who has to deal with stupid GameFAQs Moderators and GameFAQs Administrators.
Approximately 5 of them are banned every day.
I am a GameFAQs user and I got banned for saying I liked something the moderators don't.

It is torture being a GameFAQs User.
by MrPopsicle43 August 08, 2012
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