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An ill fated feature on the site, The Chat room was what spawened LUE, the Couch, and other now famous GFAQ legacies.
It began unorganized and chaotic, headed all by CJayC. Random Chat Rooms would sprawl up, headed by random users. Eventually, CJayC, tired of the struggled, reorganized the chat by creating a voting system, where a user would propose creating a new chatroom, and other users would vote for the life of the proposed chatroom. The user who proposed the chat room would the head of that chat room, and be given the ability to give moderator status to other users. What ensued was pure abuse of the system. Mods would randomly kick and ban users purely based on a their psychotic megalomaniac whims. CJayC eventually closed down the chatroom completely due him receiving so many different complaints about moderator abuse in the Chat Rooms.
GameFAQs Chat BOMBS!
by chickenBOI September 01, 2005
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