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Any illegal venture that in the beginning promises wealth, prestige, or power but unbeknownst to the player only ends with jails, institutions or death. Despite every fact to the contrary the addicted player will rationalize and justify playing the game called Circle over and over again, despite the negative consequences and baffling circumstance of ending up right back where they started. For the lucky its back to prison, the unlucky it's death.
"I can't find a good job so im gonna sell smack for just a little while and make alot of money to open my own business, im too slick to get caught"

"They caught me selling drugs on the block" "After i get out of prison I'm never going to sell on the block again" "I'm only going to sell out of my car and I'll only sell pills, that way i wont get caught"

"They caught me selling pills and now I'm on my way back to prison. If it wasn't for snitches id have never gotten caught. Next time I'll only sell to people i really know are solid."

Wonder why they call it the Game Called CIRCLE ?
by Playaz Anonymous December 03, 2011
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