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Game Boint is a revolutionary competetive sport that revolves around the use of the common household "Gak Splat". Competitors throw down on a court where each player has their own square playing area, facing eachother, with an equally sized sqaure dividing them. The ultimate goal is bounce the said Gak Splat in the middle sqaure, and then into your opponents sqaure with out your opponent touching the Gak Splat. If you accomplish this feat, then you awarded a "Boint". If your opponent bobbles, or "Pobbles" the Gak Splat, a "Boint" is only awarded if you can get your opponent to Pobble two times consecutively.
Fatty was an honorable game Boint competitor, until Stephen entered the sport and went on an 8-0 undefeated run.
by Stephen Efird August 11, 2006
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