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An item that youtubers miss that has little to no value but people show irrational anger towards it being over looked and is referred to sarcastically as the "game winning item" despite its insignificance.
1. Guy1 "I'm unsubbing because I'm tired of him missing every little thing instead of collecting it like a normal human being with brain function would."

Guy2 "Oh no you're right that "game winning item" would have beat the whole game for him why didn't he waste the time to get it -_-."

2. "That item you looked at for five seconds and walked away from like you don't have any damn eyes in your head would have been great to have because I us it all the time."

3. "OMG you IDIOT you just missed that game winning item how will you beat the game now!"
by Dpowered August 03, 2014
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