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mafia offshoot active on long island . Known as "classy" gangsters, they have been caught in nurmerous sport gambling rings as well as trafficking weapons. About 200 made men currently stay true to the Galletto crime family. Technically they aren't part the "actual" mafia, because they do not operate under mafia rules or operate in a mafia structure. Still many mafia icons have done there time working with members of the family including the Gallo brothers and Salvatore "the bull" Gravano. They are also very much associated with the "Mala de Brenta" as a member of the family served as a turncoat bringing down much of the gang operating off the Italian shores.
Dude: I heard the Gallettos got nabbed again runnin guns.
Other dude: damn yo! Dem niggas be in the paper every other week!
by QueensDreamin777 June 29, 2012
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