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Gaff Gafgarion, also known as Goffard Gaffgarion, is a mercenary from Final Fantasy Tactics who is hired by Dycedarg Beoulve and Cardinal Delacroix. He is a Fell Knight, possessing two powerful sword skills.

Gafgarion is hired by Dycedarg Beoulve to get rid of Princess Ovelia, who is in the way of Duke Larg's ascension to Regent of Ivalice in the name of Prince Orinus, who he plans to have coroneted. Gafgarion accepts a mission from Agrias Oaks to protect Ovelia so that he can get close enough to do his job. He travels to Orbonne Monastery with his team, including Ramza Beoulve, Dycedarg's younger brother who knows nothing of the plot. The monastery is attacked by several Order of the Northern Sky knights dressed as Order of the Southern Sky knights, and following the plan, Gafgarion stages a counter-attack on them. During the attack, Delita Heiral slips in a back door and kidnaps the princess.

Agrias is too slow to prevent Delita's escape, and Gafgarion and Agrias lead a pursuit team after him. They are attacked by a group of mercenaries hired by Folmarv Tengille, but with the combined swordsmanship skills of Agrias and Gafgarion, the team easily wins and catches up to Delita at Zeirchele Falls where he has encountered a group of Northern Sky knights. Gafgarion reveals his true mission and attempts to kill Ovelia, but Delita is actually on the side of the Southern Sky, and therefore takes action to protect her. Ramza remains loyal to Ovelia and Agrias, and counterattacks Gafgarion, forcing him to retreat as Delita dispatches the Northern Sky.

Dycedarg, however, is unwilling to give up. He has secretly entered into an agreement with Cardinal Delacroix to get Ovelia, and sends Gafgarion to help Delacroix. At Delacroix's stronghold of Lionel Castle, Gafgarion finds that Ovelia has been captured, but that Delacroix wants a Zodiac Stone that has fallen into Ramza's possession. After fellow accomplice Ludovich Baert fails to retrieve it, Delacroix kills him and arranges for Gafgarion to create a trap: He will pretend to execute an Ovelia-decoy to lure Ramza to Golgollada Gallows and several Lionel guards will then join him in an ambush.

Everything goes as planned until the trap is actually sprung. Despite being outnumbered, Ramza, Agrias, and Mustadio Bunansa, the original keeper of the Taurus Stone, fight back and defeat the Lionel guards. Gafgarion, growing weak, is forced to retreat back to Lionel, but readies a second ambush. As Ramza's forces arrive at Lionel, he attempts to scale the wall to open the gate for his men. Gafgarion appears and gives the signal: several Lionel guards including summoners emerge from hiding to attack Ramza's men, while Gafgarion challenges Ramza to a duel. Gafgarion keeps Ramza in a tight situation with his Shadowblade, but Ramza ultimately prevails, killing Gafgarion.
-Gafgarion Quotes-

"Unless you make it to the top you're just going to get used, so you're better off dead!"

"Betraying you? C'mon, this is business!"

"I'm being more than kind to the guard captains here. Besides, we're mercenaries hired by the Hokuten. I'm not obliged to show respect to you."
by WesDean November 27, 2008
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