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1. a Gaffel (Swedish & Norwegian noun) ~ Fork; a pronged tool.

2. to Gaffel (Verb) ~ To borrow an article from a "friend" without it being returned. Unlike stealing, the article still maintains original ownership, however is in "mentioned friend's" possession with no sign of recovery. The intention/expectation of return may still be intact, and therefore un-interruptive of the friendship. Only when the owner looses all reinstatement expectation, has the "borrow(ing)" evolved to a "gaffel(ing)."
1. (n) Sven and Fjord were having a disagreement whether norse God "Odin" carried a guintar or gaffel.

2. (v) My best friend Jordy was cold and borrowed my favorite hoodie, years later a friend of a friend saw him wearing it, and confirmed the gaffeling. I had requested it back every-time he came through, it seems he totally gaffeled that shit.
by haldeener June 18, 2010
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