A really cool flag depicting a coiled rattlesnake ready to attack. Written below it are the legendary words: "don't tread on me". It was designed by Christopher Gadsden, a leader in the American revolution. It's a symbol of liberty and resistance against tyranny.
Man, government is taking our rights.! Lets hoist the Gadsden Flag and defend our liberty!
by Liberty Wolfe December 25, 2008
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Once a symbol of defiance to tyranny, now the official emblem of a tribe of whiney pseudo rednecks driving $150,000 dollar pickups to there 3 day weekends while complaining about the government coming to take their "stuff".
Me: ahh...i see you have q gadsden flag sticker on your yeti cooler.

Guy named Mason: so?

Me: So you must be a whiney little spoiled bitch!
by Big Daddy Spankbottoms July 2, 2022
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