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Gadala Gadala is the sound when someone, guy or girl(hopefuly girl), is giving "head." If you have experience you know what it sounds like. Gigity Gigity Goo!

Gadala is more so then not refered to as an action such as "head," even though it orginated from the "sound" made when preforming the skillful art of Gadala.
zOMG Michael gave Blake some 1337 Gadala Gadala last night!

Keep going baby! Gadala Gadala(sound is made)

(Mom)What did I say about walking in when Im giving dady Gadala!

CODY! What is that noise?(Gadala Gadala). Oh nothing its just Adam giving me some good old Gadala Gadala.
by 8u!!37z.! May 08, 2006
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