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Rad bassist for Blesk, several other San Luis Obispo, CA bands and dancer extrondinaire. Has been known to make hotties swoon over his rump shaking and outlandish, high energy stage antics. He fared particularly well, while shaking his butt at a Straylight Run show in Hackensack, NJ and caught the attention of his future wife, who he refers to as "Little Miss Hackensack". Has a knack for accents and a gay, lispy robot voice. Current project: Campaigning for Pita Pit to name his falafel pita creation the "Gaberz with Special Sauce".
"I saw a cute girl at the Saves The Day show and busted out a Gabe Munoz; finally my status is: in a relationship."
by Stacey Sagitarius April 14, 2008
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