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V 1. The act of having your living space invaded by an acquaintence that you usually try to avoid resulting in a loss of 50% or more of your bulk storage of food stuffs.
Fuck! Who ate all the easy mac? I GOT GABE'D!
by Ike November 30, 2004
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Unceremoniously ousted from a group, based purely and bluntly on ability rather than personality, after having been made to feel welcome over a protracted period of time.
Aw man... if he fucks up again, he gonna get Gabed!
by zmm February 10, 2017
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Having an acquaintance that likes to bore you with the same stories day after day, but walks away when you start speaking.
Wow, I just listened to his story about his hometown for the tenth time and when I tried to tell him something he Gabed me!
by Punxy February 27, 2011
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Being late on a release date. also known as pissing people off.
"OMFG TF2 has been gabed!!1one1"
by Teh L33T HaX0r February 26, 2005
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When the dealer in poker adds to the community cards (flop, turn, or river) BEFORE all active players have played their hand for the current round of betting.

The term is a verb and is generally used when the above mistake causes a player who would have most likely won the hand, to lose.
I had pocket Aces against pocket sevens. Pocket sevens min-raised me. I was going to put him all in and the dealer Gabed me. Turns out the flop gave my opponent a set, he called my all in, and cracked my aces.
by OG1 October 25, 2010
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