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Ga'leeha is the best person you could meet in life. She's a fine ass lightskin who doesnt take shit from anyone unless y'all are just playing. She's always positive and likes to help others. Ga'leeha makes a great/amazing girlfriend. So if you go out with her never let her go. No matter what she always will have your back. Ga'leeha is also confident and never backs down from anything, even when she's scared. Ga'leeha is athletic but sometimes lazy on purpose. Ga'leeha is one girl that you would want to spend the rest of your life with.
Person: You go with Ga'leeha?
Me: Yea, that's my baby
Person: Damn you lucky asf
Me: I know, and she not going anywhere
by Asdgejic July 31, 2018
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My fucking baby and if you mess with her, her bf will beat the shit out of you
Ga'leeha I'm sorry for messing with you, please don't tell your bf to beat my ass
by Asdgejic July 27, 2018
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