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one who has the ability to please and control others with (mind fucking), doesnt get attached to the opposite sex, the opposite sex gets attached to the GWIGGY! the GWIGGY just does what it do and do what it does. the GWIGGY cannot be fooled,played,used, unless its sexual FOR EXAMPLE: you can fool with play and use GWIGGY's cock in a manner that can cause the GWIGGY to make it rain................on yall hoes of course, In some regions of the world the Gwiggy is considered GOD and the starving people in poor countrys nibble the nutt sack and drink from the shaft after performing the rain dance on the GWIGGY
"fuck dat nigga! king kong aint got shit on the GWIGGY"
"umm honey would it be better if i pretended i was the GWIGGY instead" well yea but they dont call the GWIGGY daddy long stroke for nothing"
"girrrrrl ima go get me sum GWIGGY"
by the book keeper yayayayaya February 03, 2010
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