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Get the fuck over it. Mainly used when someone is making a big deal over nothing or generally making drama.
Melanie: So then Kate said to Mikey that I didn't say Jenni said he looked stupid but he didn't believe her and Mike told Drew and now Drew probably thinks I'm horrible, and Drew looked at me yesterday and I really like him and I thought he liked me, omg I've ruined everything! I hate myself, FML :'( :'(

James: Seriously... GTFOver it. Idiot.


Joe: My parents are being total bitches ad won't buy me a new Xbox. I mean I know I'm an ungrateful bastard who whines and complains all day but who cares. I hate my life so much, I want to die!

James: Buy an axe, go to forest, cut down a tree, cut the wood, find a river, hammer the wood together, build a bridge and GTFOver it.
by doggy333 December 01, 2010
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