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The video game series "Grand Theft Auto" has come a long way since the original game. It has evolved throughout the years and within those years came out with GTA Online. This caused the Rockstar Social Club to sky rocket with crews. Most of these crews were Motorcycle Clubs. Not Motorcycle Gangs, if you say Gangs you have every right to be beat with a dick. These Motorcycle Clubs play by strict rules they like to call the "1%". When in reality "1%" means you follow no laws except your own. However different discussion and opinion for another time. These "1%" rules include. AR's only, Free-Aim only, always wear your patch, always ride a harley, etc. Many Clubs have certain "Bylaws" they like to follow. However some Clubs believe it's just a game and they do whatever they want to. When in reality this is not a way to be in the MC Community. Learn the rules then try to be something in MC Community. Don't be a bitch.

Alot of Clubs have certain things you must do before becoming a patched member. Usually these things involve stages of Hangaround then Prospect. Or a 3 stage where it's support, hangaround then prospecting.
In an MC there are ranks and these people belong to a thing we call Hierarchy. These ranks include but are not excluded to.
Vice President
Sgt At Arms

Each Rank has a special job or meaning. Most Clubs have different rankings or hierarchy positions. I hope this helped any randoms looking to learn a few things about MC's.
Example 1
Bitch: "Yo man did you hear about that biker gang on GTA called the Insane Ones?"
MC Veteran: "Did you hear about that random who got smacked by a retired motherfucker from the MC Community for saying 'Biker Gang'?"
Bitch: " I be quiet and be humble then learn some more?"
MC Veteran: "Yes you should, be a good bitch and fetch me a beer."

Example 2
Random: "Hi I was wondering how I could join your GTA MC? I will do anything become a brother."
Patch/Hierarchy: "Well first you'd have to Support/Hangaround/Prospect to become a patched member. If you really want it we will be testing you hard. This is a Family not just a game. Are you ready?"
Random: "Yes sir!"
by X13Ice69X March 22, 2018
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