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Girls Play Games: When a girl you're seeing/dating is playing games, acting sketchy, making shit up or blatantly lying.
Bro 1: "Bro, she told me she's not sleeping with anyone else, but I caught her texting her ex about coming over"

Bro 2: "What do you expect dude? GPG......"

Bro 1: "she also told me her phone was off but it was lighting up every 10 seconds"

Bro 2: "Yep... GPG"

Bro 1: "She also said she was busy and we couldn't hang out, but i'm hanging out on her couch right now"

Bro 2: "No surprise..... anotha girl, more GPG (Girls Play Games)"
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by NDOTP June 08, 2018
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