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"Glimpse of Light In Pussy Area." When looking at a skinny girl's ass, it's a condition in which a ray of light shines through between her thighs (directly under the snooter) even though her legs are fully closed. Chiefly attributed to lacking an ass (sometimes from abusing Noasitol).
(Setting) Dude1 and 2 are standing in line. Cindy is standing in the distance staring at a poster.
Dude1: Check out Cindy's ass!
Dude2: I wouldn't recommend looking directly at it. May I suggest looking at the reflection of it in a bucket of water. Otherwise, you could risk going blind.
Dude1: What the hell are you talking about?
Dude2: She's got a GLIPA from hell.
Dude1: I'm sure my welding mask will help.

by Michael Reschke August 07, 2007
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