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Commonly known as "Get In There And Be Somebody", GITABS is a phrase used to describe a brotherhood of toolbags, community college seniors, and cunt-knuckles seeking attention who are all under the impression that they are part of an elite group, however consumed in their own vanity, that they believe "any pussy" is "their pussy". In their desperate attempt to live the life of a true college student they spend their nights playing beer pong anywhere a tournament sized table can unfold and feeding on weakened drunken girls as their prey. There is no shortage of high-fives and fist pumps as these aspiring "chach-bags" suck each other off in unrivaled attempts to maintain their status as a "SMASH BRO" of GITABS by completing 3 prerequisites within 30 days of each other. Though prestigious only to a few naive kids who seek to ultimately become an epic FAIL at life, the pre-reqs are as follows.

1. Sleep with a random female.

2. Sleep with waitress (or any girl from a restaurant scene)

3. Sleep with a girl who is ranted "9" or higher".

***All 3 pre-reqs must be separate girls.***
Smash Bro 1: "Dude...I think I'm gonna nail that bitch tonight!!...GITABS???"
Smash Bro 2: "GITABS bro, go for it"

**followed by a falsely motivated high five**

These twat-chops are intoxicated by their own delusion and will stop at nothing to complete these "coveted" tasks by pulling stunts that include but are not limited to:

-- cock-blocking for self gain

-- throwing themselves upon drunken sleeping women

-- sexual contact with minors

-- falsifying stories in hopes of getting more attention

-- (the most heinous of all) not pleasing ANY of the women they sleep with.
by Great Valhalla May 05, 2010
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