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When someobody asks if you know something and they're obviously about to tell you. You answer 'Gig me up'...meaning load me up with information. It's prose relating to the term gig stick.
Thinker: Did you know that Ed Witten created the M theory which is basically the formula for magic?

Minion: No! Gig me up, what's the go with that?

Thinker: Yeah, everything you think has the possibly to manifest into Matter, :. goal setting is now a science.

Minion: Wow, so that's why we get a trophy if we win a race!

Thinker: My minion, you are learning, this is correct, every dream has a material counterpart. You don't get nothing for something, just like you can't something for nothing.
by Vicki Karma October 17, 2006
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