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The abbreviation for the term "golden half nigger". Golden half niggers are a rare breed of half niggers that are superior to the average nigger or halfling. Common examples of GHN are Barack Obama, Stephen Curry, Tiger Woods, Tim Duncan, Derek Jeter and Trevor Noah. It is important to note that GHN are still inferior to the White Race, because the White Race is superior to all.
"Steph Curry is the best golden half nigger in the NBA."

"Hey, did you see that GHN? They're fucking everywhere now."
by Original GHN August 23, 2016
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raddest person in the whole world, and whatever is said after this is cancelled out cause i pwn your face...indeed
wow ghn, i wish i could be more like you...and isnt that big fella a homo.
by so great but why? October 12, 2003
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