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Beer which is brewed in Amsterdam. The official name is IJ-beer, named after the river IJ which splits the city into 2 parts. The south, which is cool and the North which has a strong resemblance with 'Middle Earth' (Lord of the Rings). This beer is so strong that it may cause serious drowsiness; hence the name GHB-beer. GHB (gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) is nowadays a populair (date-rape) drug in Amsterdam, which has the same effect when used correctly.
friend #1
"Hey dude, lets get seriously fucked up and drink some IJ-beer"

friend #2
"Hell yeah old-man, then maybe you can rape me at the end of the night! Excellent stuff that GHB-beer!"

friend #1
"Goddammit dude, this is gonna be fun"
by ssan January 26, 2009
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