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Rock Star styled clothes you'll only see on people like Russell Brand and Jack Sparrow. Involves lots of black or just dark colors, ripped jeans or just ripped clothing, and possibly leather, if you wanna go all the way add a little black eyeliner. NOT to be mistaken for gothic, emo or skater clothes. This is the LESS-DEPRESSING and MORE fashionable version of them.
Did you see Russell Brand on the Mtv awards last night?


Isn't he so Garage Glamorous!
by Dance_til_ur_dead_14 October 10, 2009
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An outfit that you think looks cool. Only you could wear it and you β€œthink” you can pull it off. However, you still would never wear it outside of your house.
β€œHey girl, I love those ripped jeans.”

β€œPlease, these jeans are only garage glamorous.”
by oneandonlyrockstar August 19, 2009
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