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A condition or non-contagious sickness that can come and go with little notice.
It is not a lethal sickness, but can cause minor to major stress to the brain, which can then cause the host to harm themselves. (i.e. Go EMO) This varies from person to person.
Some claim it is contagious, but theories have been crushed with the explanation and understanding of "FREE WILL".
Usually starting within the human brain, GACOU can sometimes lead itself to the heart if not treated. This condition then becomes LOVE.
If someone's GACOU, you may choose to treat it with rejection and/or by ignoring/avoiding them as much as possible.
Usually, when two hosts of this condition intertwine feelings, it can lead to ACOE (A Crush On Eachother) before it becomes LOVE. Only provided that the condition/sickness isn't treated immediately.
"Hey Susan, I think Fred's GACOU."

"What's wrong with us? Oh nothing too big.. we've just got ACOE."
by ShyGuy2o4 January 12, 2009
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