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(N.) - The Atlanta autobahn. A place where wealthy Atlantans are able to open up their Porsches, Mercedes, and other whips. The minimum speed on GA 400 is 70 with the left lane averaging anywhere from 85-100. If you are a slow or shitty driver you fear this road. If you are a good driver or enjoy driving, 400 is the highlight of your day. If you are not from the Atlanta area and are driving on 400 you can be spotted from a mile away. You are usually driving an 03' Odyssey with a Yakima box on top and Wisconsin plates. You are also being frequently passed by other drivers while simultaneosly being given the finger. In your mind, you are in the right. In the minds of everyone else on 400, you are a fucking idiot who is clearly from out of state and does not understand the concept of driving.
Steve: Just picked up my new Gallardo from the dealership.

Kevin: Shit dude lets hit up GA 400 and see how fast that thing can go.
by RichPeopleRule November 17, 2011
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