Something nasty, revolting, causing one to vomit
Samuel Forsyth is gross! I saw him in the hall and I puked everywhere, in a 360!
by Homohater242 December 02, 2014
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(adj.) Pronunciation: geee - rho - ss.
Used to describe something that is beyond just regular type gross. Similar to disgusting, horrifying or revolting, but more angsty.
Thing 1: For breakfast yesterday I ate a stick of butter dipped in crisco with a canola oil dressing.
Thing 2: That's g-ross!
by Melany June 14, 2006
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that which is so distasteful, it defies description.
What the fuck?! That was just gross!
by Witchie-coo November 06, 2002
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adj. whitegirl slang for saying something is gross. Commonly used refering to something that taste/smells bad, or refering to an ugly person
"I was eating some ham and cheese, then i smelled it and it was bad.... it was so G-ross"

ex. 2" that guy's gut is hanging out of his shirt, its so G-ross
by Tina M. Gerstenmaier January 02, 2009
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An amount given when dealing with refrigerator sized loads of beer/liquor.
We bought a gross of beer for our party tonight.
by RazDawg July 05, 2013
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Another word for disgusting, vomit inducing etc.
Bob: What's grosser than gross?
Tom: What is grosser than gross?
Bob: When your eating a hotdog and it has veins in it.
You sit on your grandads lab and he has a boner.
You throw your undies at the wall, they stick.
by headshotdealer November 04, 2006
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