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- Jung Byung Hee (Hangul: 정병희; Hanja: 鄭丙熙; November 6, 1987 ), also known as G.O, is a South Korean idol singer and the main vocalist of the 5 member boy band MBLAQ.

- 1st idol group member who had a revealing moustache.

- He looks good with moustache or even without it.

- He denied fan gift of porn website membership because he already has one

- He shares porn with all the members according to their tastes

- He's best with his prankster attitude.

- He has a separate laptop for erotic movies

- He's got the best poker face ever.

- He is the 2nd oldest member of MBLAQ.

- Voted as #6 Perfect Vocal Idol on Weekly Idol. (111029)

- Voted as #5 Idol Genius on Weekly Idol. (11008)

- Voted as #5 Luxurious Facial Care on Weekly Idol. (120204)

- He revealed that his bestfriend in the industry is singer Ivy. He also has surprising friendship with SNSD's Taeyeon , who he revealed who beat him during their debut days.
G.O (Jung Byunghee) is one of the best idol vocalists in KPOP industry.

G.O (Jung Byunghee) named his folder for porn movies 'pigeon'.
by eternalapluself October 27, 2013
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