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1. One from G-town or caught within the G-town lifestyle.

2. A person who lives in Georgetown, a large community in Savannah, Ga.

3. Someone who spends much of their time in G-town, grew up in G-town , went to school in G-town, or plays basketball or another sport in G-town on a regular basis.

--In order to be a G-town Soldier, you must have a genuine love for Georgetown and have an active social or sportly life with other people who live there.
1. Shoot, that man been chillen in G-town since the wooden playground got toe down. He be a G-town Soldier fo rill.

2.Peron From Midtown: I by all my grocies from the Piggly Wiggly in Georgetown, get my movies from the video store by all my candy at Dollar General, and eat at the Asian restaraunts every day. I'm a straight up G-town Soldlier for real!
Person from G-town: No you ain't.
by Stuy The One (Lewis) October 05, 2005
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