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G shyne aktually originated in Brooklyn and was originally called GKB (Gangsta Killa Bloods); one of the original east koast Blood sets. The name was khanged after finding out that there was a krip-aligned gang kalled Gangstas Killin' Bloods on the west koast. The new name reflekted our Blood allegianke as well as our east koast roots
I'm proud to klaim G shyne as my set
by Afrika031 April 12, 2007
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A blood gang that originated from the Lower Eastide (LES), New York. Known best from a ruthless gangsta who goes by B^loody Massacre.Now There are members of g-shyne who be in husdon county,new jersey.
Them G-Shyne Niggaz is on some real OG Gangsta shit ...don't fuk wit them ma nigga
by JoeyA November 25, 2006
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