There really is one and only G Breezy . He’s from jersey . He’s has a nice Carmel skin complexion when it’s not summer .He’s some what tall , And also is curly headed and very very fine . People sleep on him and doubt him but soon he’s going to shock the world and wake them up and make anyone that ever doubted him or laughed at him when he said he was gonna make it feel his success just give him a couple of years and everything will come into play . He’s known for being the most loved and hated but it don’t bother him it’s just a part of being G Breezy which is that N***a. He’s also the best basketball player you’ve ever seen and I guarantee you if your a girl reading this your bf can’t guard him .
“ man I Wish I wouldve believed G Breezy when he said he’s not just anybody “
by Victor Johnson July 28, 2020
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