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In the game Starcraft, when clicking the Protoss Zealot, he will say G house (sometimes, its random)

Also related to the show House on FOX. (the doctors name is Greg House...)
doesn't really have an example
by asdfjkl; April 13, 2005
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AKA β€œThe G”. A clan originally named Tamachi by its infant creator. It first started off as an online gaming clan to recruit the few humans around the world who were worthy of the glory of the G. As time progressed, Ghouse broke out of the realm of cyberspace and launched itself into the real world; where it now gradually influences and assimilates Mother Earth into its eternal grandeur.
Ghouse! Exclaimed the Zealot as it sped wrathfully to the raging battlefront, unambiguous of the coruscating demise that awaited him.
by Saul February 09, 2005
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