A high five to the forehead. Similar to the "Coulda had a V-8" commericials.
"Ouch, I just got G fived!"
by J-Hezzy June 3, 2008
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Gold, Ground, Gasoline, Grub, and Guns

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular Rich Dad series of books, believes we are probably headed for total economic and societal collapse. He recommends the "5 Gs" just in case things deteriorate so badly that anarchy is the law of the land: Gold, Ground, Gasoline, Grub, and Guns. "Ground" meaning owning your home outright.
We're gonna need the five G's when the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan).
by tomgtom September 25, 2018
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The Five G's is a code statement used to shorten the phrase "Gay Guys get Great Girls." We've all seen it happen at bars, partys, malls...gay guys have a tendency to hang around both the artsy, creative, chic females, as well as the gorgeous semi-unnatainable females, because those same females are mysteriously drawn to the gay male.
Dude, why's Antonio always the one thats swarmed by hot chicks? Don't they know he's not going to sleep with them?

Yea man, but they don't care, chicks love gay guys, its the Five G's at work...

by Scanda-liz January 9, 2008
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