A place in Agoura Hills, CA where all of the wannabe-gangsta-brainlets of the area go to do god-knows-what. The "city" itself is the underside of the road bridge in the Avalon condo-complex. It consists of a large graffiti-covered wall, random pieces of trash, and torn-up furniture that each have their own stories.

In order to get to this spot you must travel to the edge of Chumash park (near the condos to the south of the baseball diamond), enter the ravine where Medea Creek flows, and walk through the plants and trees along the left wall for a little over a minute, and you will reach G city.

While the majority of it's visitors are dumb high schoolers looking to waste their lives away, some pretty sketchy characters are known to lurk here,
"Yo wanna go to G city?"
"For sure dude I got kush."
by plus-size albert December 18, 2020
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The best and coolest youtubers in the world. Altough theyre not from tronno they live the tronno lifestyle styll. You already know they pree'ing all ur recent and flexing on all u bihs.

To be a city g, mans need to dress like a city G and dress like one. Step one, mans need makeup ahlie. Spend atleast 1.5 hrs everymorning and dress like a reall tronno man styll. U need the huaraches on ur feet and some wacky ass street shit everywhere else.
Gyal 1 : Yo did you pree the City G's video thooo?

Gyal 2 : Ahlieeeee it was flames styll
by yeaboi1234567876 February 13, 2018
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