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The name of the senshi of Io. Chosen after her authentic name was forgotten when she awoke from a 1000 year coma, trapped inside a crystal coffin. Also, a defective Ionian in the world of Nemesis. But Lapis said "Hi" to her, and Nil is her 'tousan, so its all good. ^___^
“Did you catch your breath yet?”<p>

“Huh?” Fyrsiel said. This question had caught her off guard. Guess he wasn’t as dumb as she would have hoped.<p>

“Um.... NO... I still need to catch my breath...” Fyrsiel said quickly. Maybe he was one of those sympathetic fighters. Perhaps he only fought someone if they were at 100% strength.<p>

Nomed picked the scythe up in a tighter grip. “Nomed doesn’t feel like waiting anymore!”<p>

Fyrsiel sulked a bit... So much for that theory.
by Firefox October 11, 2004
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