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A (typically male) person that reads every future blog, technology blog, and probably every video game blog. A Future Cat truly believes that one day within the next 10-30 years man will answer to, or actually physically become robotic, as it is the next step in evolution. He believes people will be uploading their brain to a cloud (due to singularity, a concept made somewhat popular in the technology world by Vernor Vinge in 1993 ,and then reiterated by Ray Kurzweil in 2000) that will allow people to virtually live on, even after the Earth is uninhabitable.
Brandon: "Dude, stop working out, in 2025 we will be made out of nanobots. All we have to do is program our bodies to be fresh-to-death through the computer...and they will be."

Kyle: "Yeah, right! You're just a lazy future cat!"
by Jailhouse Nancy February 10, 2012
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