A mocking callout hate term to mock and describe Closed Species since a major portion of the Furry Fandom tends to hate the concept because it's a method of Gatekeeping and Exclusionism and they will blacklist and harass people for doing something they're LEGALLY allowed to do for no reason. The concept is also pointless nowadays as there is no law to prevent anyone from making a Fursona of a Closed Species as they're not copyrighted or trademarked and they're also a joke and always will be because those artists are greedy and live a miserable life because they didn't go learn a trade or go to college to learn to play Monopoly and make more money. And they got issues for not having sex with someone and they're just useless in worlds society and God shall condemn them for Discrimination, Prejudicism, Criticism, etc. as they're just sad peasants and aren't creative or have the knowledge to be creative whatsoever.
Primagen owner: Hey checkout my primagen Fursona and Fursuit I made for it!
Furry Veteran: Aren't those a closed species though?
Primagen owner: Technically they're not as with any other closed species because they're just Furry NFTS as there is nothing to prevent anyone from making a Fursona so you can make one regardless.
Furry Veteran: Bro you're so right about that I never thought of it that way that's hilarious LMFAO. I'm gonna make a primagen fursona and a suit now >:3
Primagen owner: Ayyyyyyyy lets goooooooo! Just make sure not to share them around official groups tho. We gotta crush that old myth and ban it from the fandom our voices shall be heard >:3
by AntiFursAreBad July 25, 2023
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