A furry version of Non Fungible Tokens so called Furry NFTS and a dead concept nowadays that creators try to gatekeep a species that cannot be copyrighted/trademarked or enforced whatsoever and they try to make that happen but waste their time doing so. And they got sex and dick size problems cuz they can't learn to play monopoly and go to college or learn a trade at a trade school to make more money instead of excluding a species and doing illegal shit like blacklisting and doxxing people when they're legally allowed to draw and make whatever they want.
Average furry: Check out my new sona it's so cool and fluffy!
Closed species supporter cunt: Those are a closed species bruh are you asking to be blacklisted and doxxed by the creator?
Furry nerd: No he isn't because they can't so shit about it. They're not protected under copyright/trademarks dumbass learn that before you start drama n shit. And besides unofficial fursonas of closed species exists.
by AntiFursAreBad August 13, 2023
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When someone has the idea for a species then decides to make people pay them money in order to make their own.
Girl 1: Hey, check out this drawing I made of a dog/sushi hybrid!

Girl 2: Sorry, sushidogs are a closed species, you need to pay someone online $35 to draw your idea...
by Lemmy-Lo June 4, 2020
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