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FuriousMan is an Urban Dictionary writer who criticizes people whom he disagrees with. Instead of maturely investigating points made by others, he refuses to acknowledge any opinions, but his own. FuriousMan has the brainpower of a 2 year old and appreciates going to a school with no teachers, no sports, no arts, and reputably horrible academic courses. He aspires to grow up to work at MacDonalds. He may sound like the average American, but no, he is even stupider. Maybe from now on he will keep his mouth shut about things he knows nothing about...Or maybe he will take notice to the failures of his joke of a school.
Did you see that Urban Dictionary written by FuriousMan? - Yeah it was the most retarded thing ever because he actually likes ASD! - I know! What a retard.
by FuriousManHater April 01, 2011
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