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Furbnasty (verb):
1. to behave in a manner disregarding all self respect by being inconsiderably abrasive.
2. To bring what some would call "the ultimate smack down." 3. (v or n) To verbally and physically express an elated feeling of complete narcissistic self worship.

Furbnasty (noun):
1. A squarish animal, sort of a rotund cube like mammalian creature, that emits constant pleas for sympathy while occasionally sniffing salt and eating bread. Usually accompanied by strong affinity for ethyl alcohol and processed cheese food. Possessing the innate ability to produce abnormally high pitched sounds.
As a VERB:
(1). Don't get all furbnasty on me now. I got all furbnasty on that bitch's face. (2). It's furbnasty time.

As a NOUN:
Yo, yous furbnasty fo' sho'!
(as mod. adj.) Lets get nasty tonight, lets get Furbnasty.
Am I not the ultimate furbnasty? (obviously used only as a rhetorical question).
by Adam Garciapara. April 10, 2007
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