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A sexual act. While having sex in doggie style position, the man pulls his penis from the females vagina and quickly sticks his penis in the females ass, to her surprise the woman clearly in a state of shock turns around and looks at the man like he's crazy, then the man sticks his thumbs in his ears and moves his hands to give the appearance of Moose Antlers while sticking his tongue out at her and making a silly noise. This face is derived from the character on the cartoon "Rocky and Bullwinkle" but the brilliance of it all is turning a childrens cartoon into a lude yet hilarious sexual act.
This also leads to ass virgins being curious about trying anal, which is just fantastic.
My girlfriend was in the laundry room bending over picking up dirty clothes while she had some hot short shorts on with no panties, so I snuck up behind her and poked my finger in her ass, she shreaked and looked at me like WTF! So obviously I had to give her the Funky Bullwinkle so she wouldn't be pissed. Later on, she asked if I wanted to try anal to which I replied, "Yes...........Yes I do, i'll go buy some Astro Glide!!!!"
by DJ Mudd Butt August 09, 2011
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