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Derived from the phrase or name "Funky Monkey". It is described as a person who expresses one's self in a funky and comical way, making no sense in their actions or words. One who is comically spontaneous resulting in no logical or mature explanation of their actions or outbursts. A person who sees themselves as funny, while others see them as odd or weird. One who does or says things, to entertain one's self at the disposal of others, such as telling jokes that make no sense, just to see the expressions on other's faces, and watching reactions from others.
Joe: "Hey man, did you see that? I just wiped my mind with a burger wrapper!"

Sam: "Dude....what's that suppose to mean?"

Joe: "Totally dude....I agree!"

Sam: " are one crazy funky monker!"
by 2crazy2tell April 17, 2009
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