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A male who drinks heavily every single night and yet refuses to let that shortcoming interfere with his job; his ability to earn a living. He goes to work everyday "hungover", and still manages to fool everyone and does his job... i.e. He remains functional. Almost, but not quite a "drink face", He always makes sure every night that he never drinks so much so that he is unable to perform his moneymaking duties. He know's his problem. He wishes it wasn't so, but his alcoholic nature doesnt allow him to stop drinking. He wishes it wasn't a factor in his life. He knows that being too hungover to be able to perform at a level that is at the very least AVERAGE in order to maintain his job is unacceptable. He drinks more than you. He doesn't just have 'a few' beers. He drinks somewhere in the amount of a FIFTH of whiskey and a 12-pack of Bud: (1 fifth of whiskey: at least 86 PROOF; plus 6 to 12, 12oz cans of beer : 5 PROOF.) He drinks because he is severely unhappy with the way his life has turned out; (He isnt what his mother always hoped he would be) not to mention the fact that every single one of his previous female relationships have always failed, despite his best hopes... When he starts drinking at a party, he starts doing stupid shit. Never align youself with this guy.

THE FUNK-SHUN-NING Drunk is the guy at the party that everyone knows they need to pay attention too throughout the night because HE WILL eventually get so drunk in an attempt to forget his own problems, that not only will the police be called, but he could drag others down with himself. He's a true drinker.
Pauley just showed up with 3 cases of cheap beer. Stay away from him when he starts gettin' stupid. He has his problems... dont let him pull you down too. He will drink you under the table and eventually behind bars. You dont want be like this guy, he calls himself a "Funk-Shun-Ning Drunk", But we call him a "Loser."
by LiverSuicide March 13, 2008
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