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1. The state of having fun.

2. A measure in the state of having fun or entertainment.

Synonyms: Fun, Entertainment, Amusement, Enjoyment.

Antonym: Disamusementalarity.
E: Sleeping is always fun... but I wouldn't know... cuz when I'm asleep... I'm not consciously aware of having fun.

C: I am not sure if sleeping if fun either...someone should test that.

E: Someone really should test on the funilarity of sleeping. lol

C: Not exactly sure if "funilarity" is a word...but it works lol
the question do u test for it?

E: Yeah, thats true... they need a machine like a lie detector that looks for deflections in pulse and brain activity but that measures the funilarity. and yes... funilarity is now a word. to me at least.

C: Hmmm, basing a test for fun on a lie detector....I LIKE IT! maybe we can zap them when they have sad thoughts!!! ok, I am seriously enjoying this too much lol
by That E Dude March 15, 2009
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