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1. An incredibly dogmatic Libertarian, so much so that his or her attitude rivals that of a religious fundamentalist. These folks will make bold claims such as 'The Founding Fathers were Libertarians.' Under close examination, however, it is simple to see that many of their core beliefs stem from those of Rothbard and Von Mises. To these folks, personal liberty is a commodity to be bought, despite their claims to the contrary.

2. A fundamentalist who claims to be Libertarian. These folks may as well be considered hard-line Right-Wing Republicans, as they'll talk all day long about economic freedom and ending the federal reserve, but will turn around and say that, in a nutshell, personal liberty means almost nothing....unless of course it deals with the right to shove a Bible up the collective asses of the people.

3. The current Tea Party led by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Rand Paul.

* Other things of note: Over the past three years, these folks have also claimed to be all about local government. If this were true, then they wouldn't be worshiping Ron Paul, nor would they say he is the only hope for America. Many also seem to fall right in with the conspiracy crowd, and in most cases, this is why elections are almost always won by the minority. The majority do NOT vote, especially in local primaries, despite their whining and bitching about how things need to change in Washington. One last thing: Turn off Glenn Beck. You'll feel better when you do.
1. Did you see the Fundietarians outside protesting Single Payer? They'd do anything to preserve their twisted vision of liberty, even if it means wasting about half a trillion dollars.

2. Ron Paul claims the title of Libertarian, yet claims Roe v. Wade ought to be repealed. When a man wants to use religion to suppress liberty, that makes him a Fundietarian.

3. The Fundietarians had a big rally claiming to restore honor to America. It was just another religious/political plug for Republican candidates.
by Gray Buddhist October 20, 2010
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