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A stricking, blue lightning bolt, which specifically seaks out the tight anus of a "wet-blanket","up-tight", or severely austere/cruelly stern individual, with the intent of explosively loosening the clenched shut sphinctor, thereby allowing the recipient to regain their humanity.
Immediately after the explosive occurance,
the recipient is seen participating in a conga line, limbo match, lamp-shade dance,
rolling down a flight of stairs in a sleeping bag,and other similar activities.
The only way Brigandon will let you take the afternoon off, is, while the cheap-skate bends over to pick up a penny, a funbolt shoots up his ass!

Yeah,.. if he smiled, his face would crack!
A bloody funbolt would probably kill'im!

by M'nterestIsPurelySykopathik April 08, 2009
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